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Frequently Asked Questions About Dentures Sacramento

Dentures provide the ideal replacement for patients who have a missing or lost tooth. If a person has lost all their natural tooth either due to tooth decay, gum decay or an injury, dentures offer the perfect solution to restore your smiles. Dentures are removable appliances which put a person at ease while biting and chewing food. Dr. Fife provides one of the best dentures to the residents living in the city of Sacramento, CA.

People with missing teeth generally opt for dentures so that they can enjoy a healthy diet and have a confident smile. Dentures are made using metals or plastic. Dentures come in full dentures and partial dentures. Full dentures are applicable when an individual has lost all their natural teeth. Partial dentures are useful when only a single teeth are missing.

1. Who will prepare and fit the dentures?

Generally, the dentures are prepared in the lab after taking appropriate measurements and impressions by the dentists. The dentist will thoroughly examine your gums and arrive at a conclusion whether you need to go for full dentures or partial dentures.

2. Will dentures change my look?

Oh yes definitely !. Dentures not only restore your missing tooth but also good for your health and overall enhances your oral appearance. As dentures almost resemble a natural tooth, it gives much support to your cheeks and lips. Dentures improve the appearance of your face and your smile.

3. Can I lead a normal life with dentures?

One can lead a normal and a healthy life with the help of dentures. Though it may take some time to get used to the dentures initially, but gradually over a period of time one can follow a normal eating regimen.

4. Will dentures help in effective communication?

Dentures definitely help in expressing the words clearly without mumbling.

5. How long will the dentures last?

If you do take good care of your dentures, then it should last for many years. Regular cleaning, brushing and soaking in liquid solution will help the dentures to retain its shape.

6. Are the dentures only option available for missing teeth?

No. Dentures are not the only options available for the missing tooth. Other alternatives like dental implant too are available. Consult your dentist and he will be the right person to judge whether you should go for dentures or dental implant.

Dentures at Craftsman Dental Care

We at Craftsman Dental Care offer one of the best and affordable dentures. Our dentists who are specialized in their respective fields find a suitable denture that fit perfectly in your mouth. For more about the dentures, it's cost you may kindly contact our office located in Sacramento, California.

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