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Dental Implant Restoration – Replacing Single and Multiple Teeth

The invention of a dental implant was truly revolutionary and it transformed the way how restorations function. The fact that an external body can be inserted into the jawbone such that it integrates with the body, speaks much for the success of the restoration so far in the field of restorative care. Its application as an artificial tooth root has widened the boundaries of possibilities for prosthodontists and dentists. New materials and technology are developed in the field of implant dentistry to reduce the healing period and make the restoration better. The success rate of dental implant surgery is pretty good. At our office, we have used dental implants to create healthy smiles for our patients and improve their oral health. Our dentist is specially trained in the field of implant dentistry and has performed several surgeries in our office. Contact our team to learn more about our dental implant restoration process at Sacramento office.

Dental Implants Sacramento California

Dental implant restoration – Replacing single and multiple teeth

The implant is made of metal or zirconium. It is inserted in the supporting jawbone through a surgical procedure. The bone tissues form a bond with the implant and give it higher stability. As a result, the implant is capable of withstanding bite load while keeping the restoration in place. This is one of the major advantages of implants, especially when it comes to replacing multiple teeth.

Dental Bridges Sacramento California

Implants for Dental Bridge

In a tooth bridge, dental implants can be used to replace more than one tooth. There can be two implants that support a bridge that consists of two anchoring crowns and one or more false teeth. Our dentist checks the status of the jawbone and studies the bite load and the load-carrying ability of the implants before recommending the surgery. This is a permanent and fixed restoration which can enhance the chewing and biting functions greatly.

 Dentures Sacramento California

Implants for Denture

Implants can also support a complete row of teeth. In this case, there are about 4 implants which are strategically inserted into the jawbone. The idea is to ensure that the implants evenly bear the bite load. They mechanism that holds the denture in place ensures the stability of the restoration and gives full freedom to patients to eat their favorite food. This type of restoration is a lot better than traditional restorations which are supported by gums and held in place by adhesives.

Dental Implant Sacramento California

Implants for Single Tooth Replacement

A dental implant that replaces a single tooth functions as good as a natural tooth root. The implanted tooth crown has high chewing efficiency and the artificial root can last as many as 2 to 3 decades. It is an amazing restoration option since there is no necessity to prepare the surrounding teeth as the case is with the dental bridge. The implant also protects the jawbone from shrinking.

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