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The advancements in dentistry have made many things possible today. Problems like tooth loss which badly affected the life of people, especially senior adults, decades ago, now have restorative solutions. An Implant-supported denture is one such teeth restoration option that has simply brought a new ray of light in the life of people who have lost all or most of their teeth. These new dentures are stable, strong and well rooted which gives patients the confidence to eat their favorite food and smile more openly. The dentures help patients eat, speak and maintain the shape of their face. Once in place, the dentures can last for a long-term. It is important for patients to maintain these restorations in order to ensure that the healthy new smile lasts longer. Our dental team at Sacramento, CA restores lost teeth using implants, bridges, dentures and tooth crowns. Post-restoration process, we educate patients about how to protect their newly gained smile.

Maintaining Oral Hygiene - Implant-Supported Dentures

A denture replaces a row of missing teeth in upper or lower jaw. Implants are normally inserted in the lower jaw and the denture is fixed over them using clips and bars or balls. Our team may advise patients to remove the dentures and clean them and the implants before going to sleep. It is important to clean both the implants and the dentures separately in order to ensure that there is no gum infection or any other form of oral infection. Patients can brush the denture and the implants at least twice a day. Both implants and dentures should be brushed using soft bristled tooth brush. The food debris should be cleared from around the implants and the surface of the gums. The denture should be soaked and brushed over a bowl or basin which can avoid it from falling and breaking.

Diet – Foods to Avoid when living with Implant-Supported Dentures

Our dentist in Sacramento, CA may advise patients to avoid hard and sticky food items that can harm the denture. Patients have the freedom to eat almost anything they like as long as they are maintaining healthy oral hygiene practices.

Paying Dental Visits

Patients should visit our dental office at least once in 6 months to ensure that their dentures are in good shape and their gums and jawbone are free from dental infection. During periodic dental visits, our team recommends best practices which can prevent dental problems and ensure implant-supported dentures have a longer life.

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