Can Dental Implants Be Affixed After Tooth Extraction?

Can Dental Implants Be Done After Extraction? | Sacramento

It is a good decision if you have decided to get dental implants to replace your missing tooth. Implants are the best and the most stable restorations offered by dental care. It gives amazing outcomes in terms of appearance and feel. Dentists in Sacramento will diagnose the bone and tissues of the individual. They will suggest the appropriate time to affix dental implants after extraction. In our previous blog, we have explained the 9 factors that show you are the right candidate for dental implants in Sacramento. The time or length of the treatment can be calculated correctly after a 3D scan is done.

Can Replacement Be Done Immediately After Extraction?

Yes. For dental implants in Sacramento to be affixed, there should be enough bone and tissue in the extraction area. This will hold the implant in place. It takes three to six months for the bone to attach itself. After this implant has bonded the emergency dentist in Sacramento will fix the crown.

Early Implant Placement:

Early implant placement refers to implant insertion two to three months following the extraction. The bone heals by then. The location where the procedure has to be performed gets better as well. There is a certain time limit after extraction to provide good dental care in Sacramento for bone resorption to happen; nearly two-thirds happens only in the first three months.

We'll have to wait for the implant to cure and fuse with the bone before we can place the prosthetic tooth, which can take another 3-6 months.

Will Implant Placement Be Delayed?

If the area around the extraction is not enough then a bone grafting will be done by the implant dentist who performs dental implants in Sacramento. If the amount of bone at the extraction site is insufficient, we may need to conduct bone grafting before placing the implant. After the treatment, the area will need to recover for 3-6 months before the implant may be placed. After that, you'll have to wait for another 3-6 months to get your permanent prosthetic crowns in Sacramento.

Why Choose Dental Implants?

While the method is time-consuming, the product is well worth the patience and effort. Our general dentist in Sacramento recommends Dental implants as the best dental treatment that provides natural-looking replacements and functions just like them. The endurance of dental implants, if maintained systematically, is incredibly high.


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