Emergency Dental Service in Sacramento, California

  • Get Relief for your cracked or chipped tooth
  • Get assistance for your Abscess (Infection), mouth pain
  • Need a fix to your knocked out tooth due to trauma or accident?
  • Suffering from a toothache, sensitivity or sudden pain?
  • Affix lose restorations such as dental fillings, crowns, bridges or veneers

Helping the Residents of Sacramento Find the Immediate Solution for their Dental Emergency

Need a dental emergency right at this moment? Craftsman Dental Care is here to help you. We are conveniently located in Sacramento, just off Professional Drive to make it easy for patients in the surrounding areas to reach us. Just like medical emergency you never know when a dental emergency will occur, hence with every bad situation it is good to be ready. If you know how to deal with a dental emergency, then you are likely to stay calm.

Knowing what to do and what not to in a dental emergency is very critical. There are many things that a patient can perform during a dental emergency in order to avoid dental problem getting worse. In case of emergency, the best way is to keep yourself calm and immediately call your nearest emergency dental care in Sacramento CA and get advice from a licensed professional. Don’t depend on temporary solutions such as home remedies or over the counter medication. Emergency care that is handled in dental care is the right way which will prevent you costly bills and most likely save your broken or fractured tooth.

Come Right Away!

You can come to our dental office at 1801 Professional Drive Sacramento California immediately if you go through any of the above mentioned dental problems. Call us at 916-974-1160 to book an appointment so we can prepare for your visit.

If you live in Sacramento or its surrounding areas and need an emergency dental care from an experienced dental team, contact the practice of Dr. Fife today. Our practice is equipped with the latest technology to handle all kinds of dental emergencies and help the patients relieve the pain as soon as possible.

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