Transfer of Our Dental Practice!

Dear Patients,

Dr. Mike and I love our Jobs!! The best part is twofold. It is YOU, our loyal and wonderful patients that give us the feeling that we’re not coming to work but visiting with friends and family. Secondly, we have the BEST, loyal, dedicated, amazing people working along side us. We could not do our jobs without them. They are a big part of our success. They truly put the time and care in to make your visits smooth and pleasant. So many tireless hours spent behind the scenes on the phones with insurances. I bet many of you don’t know, but it is routine for Bree to be on hold with some of your insurances for 4-6 hours!! You heard me correct. She puts the phone on speaker and works for most of her day, waiting for them to pick up. They are dedicated to us and you! They have the toughest job!!! If you know anything about insurance, or saliva and tongues, you would know what we mean;)

Dr. Mike has been quietly suffering with some medical issues that are not getting better. So, after several long and hard conversations, we’ve decided to make the tough decision and start the search to find the best person to take over our beautiful building and practice. Believe me, when your blood, sweat and tears are put into something for 30 years, you want someone who will take care of your home, your staff, family, friends and patients as you yourself would. We chose Dr. Lilliana Stojic. Let us tell you why;)

She graduated from UCLA School of Dentistry. Like Dr. Mike and I, she cares about the quality of work she provides to her patients, with utmost gentleness in a quick and efficient manner. She loves and uses the latest technology. She enjoys her patients as friends and family as we enjoy ours. Her father was a dentist in Croatia and she grew up loving dentistry (sound familiar). She spent a great deal of time sitting in the drawer of his bench while he placed denture teeth in wax models. After she graduated from the School of Dental Technology, she worked in a dental lab as a dental technician gaining great experience with making many restorative cases we seat and deliver. She is very easy going, down to earth and humble. She travels to help provide dentistry to families in third world countries. Mission trips is something Dr Mike and I always wanted to do but didn’t feel ready. She has traveled to 54 countries thus far. For the last 8 years she has traveled to Cambodia providing dental services for the underserved. She spent some time in the jungles of the Amazon helping Indigenous tribes. She is co-founder and co-director of Sustainable Health Empowerment (SHE). This Organization leads UCLA Pre-medical students combined with Cambodian medical and dental students to work together in helping the Cambodian community. She loves to learn and never tires of it!!! Dr. Lilliana’s passion is cosmetic dentistry and overall improvement of health and fitness. Her dedication to continuing education earned her the highest ranking, Master, with the Academy of General Dentistry along with the Lifelong Learning and Service Award. She is also a member of the American Academy of Antiaging Medicine which has given her the knowledge and education to share with her patients and friends her experience and excitement for an active and healthy lifestyle. She loves everything outdoors!! She loves sports. One of them, close to her heart is the Japanese National sport, Judo. She has been practicing this sport for many years. A few years ago, she was ranked 3rd in the world in the Masters/Veterans category. She has taken classes so she can help herself and those around her in need wherever she may be at home and her travels. Some of her classes include: EMT, search and rescue, survival, medical survival classes, skin care and aesthetics of skin, anti-aging and more.

She is so much like Dr. Mike we felt an instant connection. She walked into our building and the first thing she said was how much she loved it and how the design of the practice was so close to her own design she had drawn up for her dream office. Her personality made us feel like we were long lost friends. We plan on staying in touch with her and doing some trips with her and she has already turned us on to some survival classes we want to take with her. She goes to classes on what to do if you are out in the middle of nowhere and you or someone you are with breaks a leg. We are talking stuff right up our alley.

Just as you have trusted us over all these years, we took to heart your trust in us to find your next great dentist and we believe we have. So, help us in welcoming Dr. Lilliana Stojic. When you walk in you will still be greeted by Bree, have Amanda chairside and get your cleaning from Shawn or Justine. Andrea will still be there in anyway needed too, whether front or back. You will see some fun, new faces too. As Dr. Lilliana will be combining her staff with ours.
This has all happened so quickly for us as Dr. Lilliana was already prepared for the steps of buying a building and practice. This made everything go very quickly from the time we made our decision. We are still in a whirlwind. Brokers told us it would take up to 3 years to sell a practice. We feel very blessed to have Dr. Lilliana Stojic step into our lives. It was by a crazy fluke incident that occurred as we were leaving church and met Dr. Lilliana’s cousin who then introduced us to each other. She will do well!! Her commitment to dentistry and to you is unsurpassable. We hope to see many of you as we pop in to say hi to Dr. Lilliana and the staff, or out and about in Sacramento. You guys have made our career an enjoyable blessing! We truly thank you from the bottom of our heart!

Thank you.
Dr’s Mike and Shari Fife
Craftsman Dental Care

Please take a look at Dr. Lilliana in action in Cambodia. She also sponsors the first and second runner up in the Miss Sacramento Latino Pageant. Her resume is so extensive, we are sure we’ve left out many of her accomplishments. We think you are going to enjoy getting to know her!

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