Overview of Dental Braces Treatment

Overview of Dental Braces Treatment

Dental Braces are devices (generally called as braces, orthodontic cases or cases) used to straighten teeth in order to improve the appearance. Straightening teeth and moving by moving them in planned direction can improve alignment and enhance the functionality of oral cavity. Additionally the technique is also used to correct bites, and other defects associated with teeth and jaw.

Process involved in Dental Braces Treatment

The dental professional who carries out dental braces treatment can be a specialist in orthodontics, a branch of dentistry which deals with correct positioning of teeth and jaws. the process basically makes use of four elements brackets, bonding material, arch wire, and ligature elastic. with the use of braces, a constant pressure is applied on teeth to gradually move them to desired direction.

Dental Braces - Is It Required for Everybody?

The answer lies with your dentist who will determine the necessity of braces after a thorough clinical examination of your teeth. However there are certain ailments which can make you a probable candidate to opt dental braces.

Crowded Teeth: The teeth are displaced and not aligned properly. The main reason for this being lack of space for the teeth to fit normally.

Overbite: Uneven development of jaws which results in too large upper jaw or too small lower jaw. It may be linked to genetics or bad oral habits.

Underbite: This is a case where the lower teeth are ahead of the upper teeth in a bite. The most common causes for underbites include thumb sucking, extensive use of pacifier and many others.

Crossbite: An irregular relation between the teeth of lower and upper arch generally caused due to misalignment of teeth or due to unusual jaw position.

Widely spaced teeth: This is generally caused when there are missing teeth, or due to shift of other teeth when there is some extra space around. Not treated at earliest this problem can cause other serious issues such as periodontal issue.

Things Involved in the Treatment

The treatment involves use of dental braces and space maintainers. Dental braces have wires and brackets which are designed to move teeth by gradual application of force. It may take more than 18 months for the treatment to complete. After the completion of the treatment, our dentist in Sacramento CA may advise use of retainers in order to make sure that the teeth do not get back to old positions. Depending on the necessity, removable appliances like space maintainers palatal expanders, jaw repositioning appliances may be used during the course.

Caring for Teeth when living with Braces

There are certain things which should be taken care when your dental braces are placed. Prevent hard foods as it may damage or dislocate the braces. Meanwhile, do not eat sticky foods which get stuck and cause other dental problems such as formation of plaque. Brushing and flossing as the way guided by dentist is equally important, as brushing and flossing may take a while.

Is it one-time process?

Most people think that once the braces are placed the treatment is accomplished, but this is not true you have to frequently consult dentist in Sacramento CA in order to make sure the treatment is working according to the plan.

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From scheduling an appointment to walking in the front door and being warmly greeted to having any sort of dental work done by the excellent dentists and fantastic techs and hygienist, EVERY appointment with the Craftsman staff has been professional, caring and fantastic! Thank you for your wonderful and personable dental care!

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Dr. Mike was able to clean out a small cavity in one of my front teeth in about 15 minutes. He does such great work. I recommend him to anyone who is looking for a friend and a great dentist.

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Nadine and I have been with Craftsman Dental for several years. We find their workmanship superior. Their staff are simply great. We highly recommend Craftsman Dental as a family atmosphere you will enjoy.

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Drs. Mike and Shari are fabulous! I have been a patient for 13 years and always get excellent care. Everyone in the office is friendly and caring and the decor reminds me of home. At the same time the staff are professional and I trust their knowledge and expertise.

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I just want to say, "Thank You" to all the wonderful staff at Craftsman Dental Care. Your dedication to making each and every visit to your office a great experience that keeps me smiling :-)

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I’ve been using Craftsman Dental with doctors Michael & Shari Fife for 9 years now and am very pleased with their level of professionalism and compassion. They reconstructed their dental office into an extremely pleasing and professional atmosphere. Shari decorates the office the seasonal and holiday touches appropriate...

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