Four Pointers Conveying the Reasons To Consult an Emergency Dentist

4 Reasons You Should See an Emergency Dentist

Dental emergencies can occur anytime. They often happen without any prior warning. It can possibly happen during a thanksgiving football match or while crossing the streets or traveling. Unattended cases of tooth decay, periodontal disease, or chipped/broken teeth are also some of the most general forms of dental emergencies. Though preserving your oral health is the key to getting protection against potential periodontal diseases, dental emergencies often take place without any notice. In our previous blog, we have explained the safety guidelines for visiting an emergency dentist in Sacramento. However, if you are suffering from uncontrollable pain in your gum, jawbone, or teeth for several days you must consider an emergency appointment to see your Dentist. Read on to discover certain situations under which one must necessarily consult an emergency dentist.

4 Reasons You Should See an Emergency Dentist in Sacramento:

  1. Chipped Teeth:

    Broken teeth not only hurts. It also affects your smile. In the case of a permanent tooth, it can also cause bleeding. If it stays untreatable you can permanently lose your chipped teeth. With a possible delay, the dental procedures will also become expensive.

  2. Unexplainable Case of Toothache:

    It can possibly indicate tooth decay, inflammation, or periodontal diseases. Further avoidance for a prolonged period of time can eventually create severe dental trauma. Unexplained toothaches can happen due to bite issues, hidden periodontal diseases, and more. Unexplainable toothache can also occur due to abscessed tooth or nerve exposure. Maintaining basic oral care by visiting a cosmetic dentist in Sacramento is also essential to prevent toothache and other dental issues.

  3. Missing Dental Crown and Fillings:

    If you wait for a prolonged timespan your dental procedure can become more invasive and escalated towards a root canal treatment. If your crown gets loose or loses dental fillings you must receive emergency dental treatment.

  4. Bleeding Gums:

    Dental conditions such as the build-up of plaque or tartar can create periodontal conditions such as severe inflammation and bleeding gums in the long run.

Scope of Emergency Dentistry:

Emergency dentists in Sacramento can also help you to get emergency dental care such as prevention of tooth loss, immediate relief from pain, lower the chances of teeth loss and oral infections, and more. You must not neglect any emergency dental condition as it can lead to serious health and dental issues.


If you are looking to find the best professional dental care in Sacramento to avail dependable general, cosmetic or emergency dental care you can approach Dr. Michael S. Fife, DDS, DICOI, FMII, Inc. and his team at Craftsman Dental Care. Dr. Michael S. Fife is a seasoned practitioner with unparalleled expertise in dentistry. Dr. Michael S Fife has served the community of Sacramento for years now. To gather more information regarding our services or other dental procedures, head to our website of Craftsman Dental Care. Arrange for an appointment right away by calling us at 916-974-1160.

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From scheduling an appointment to walking in the front door and being warmly greeted to having any sort of dental work done by the excellent dentists and fantastic techs and hygienist, EVERY appointment with the Craftsman staff has been professional, caring and fantastic! Thank you for your wonderful and personable dental care!

by Shannon S

Dr. Mike was able to clean out a small cavity in one of my front teeth in about 15 minutes. He does such great work. I recommend him to anyone who is looking for a friend and a great dentist.

by Leland H

Nadine and I have been with Craftsman Dental for several years. We find their workmanship superior. Their staff are simply great. We highly recommend Craftsman Dental as a family atmosphere you will enjoy.

by Lee Hal

Drs. Mike and Shari are fabulous! I have been a patient for 13 years and always get excellent care. Everyone in the office is friendly and caring and the decor reminds me of home. At the same time the staff are professional and I trust their knowledge and expertise.

by Anonymous

I just want to say, "Thank You" to all the wonderful staff at Craftsman Dental Care. Your dedication to making each and every visit to your office a great experience that keeps me smiling :-)

by Sandra S

I found out about Craftsman Dental from my father. At the time I was looking for a dentist for me and my 9 year old daughter. My daughter was very scared of the dentist and I was looking for a place that would be a positive experience for her. Craftsman Dental turned out to be that place...

by Michelle F.

I’ve been using Craftsman Dental with doctors Michael & Shari Fife for 9 years now and am very pleased with their level of professionalism and compassion. They reconstructed their dental office into an extremely pleasing and professional atmosphere. Shari decorates the office the seasonal and holiday touches appropriate...

by Ken W.
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