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Teeth Whitening – After Care

Teeth whitening procedure involves the use of external agents to clear stain from the porous enamel surface of the teeth and unmask the natural color. You can see a difference in your smile once you go through the process of teeth whitening. But it is important to note that patients should take care of the teeth after the whitening procedure to ensure that the brightness lasts longer. So what should you know as a patient who has undergone or is willing to undergo teeth whitening at our Sacramento office? Our team of professionals will give patients the necessary instructions after the cosmetic procedure is complete. This blog post provides you an overview of what matters the most when it comes to protecting white teeth after the completion of teeth whitening.

Teeth Whitening – After Care

Oral Hygiene

Brushing and flossing are two important oral hygiene practices that can help you stay away from dental infection and improve the appearance of teeth. Our dentists may recommend the use of pastes that are not colorful and help improve your smile. It is also important to be aware of the correct technique to brushing teeth. This ensures that the enamel layer does not wear out because of hard brushing and the plaque and staining elements are cleared from teeth surface from time-to-time.

Food Habits

Dark colored fluids and food are one of the major contributors for teeth staining. It is good if patients are aware of the food items that can stain their teeth. Patients can reduce the consumptions of coffee, chocolate, tea, energy drinks and colas. Using straw for some of these drinks may be a great idea since the visible front surface of teeth may not get affected by the staining fluids.

Smoking and Alcohol

Our dentists may advise patients to avoid smoking and reduce the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Some alcoholic beverages such as wine and dark beer are capable of staining teeth. The nicotine in tobacco is also known to cause discoloration of teeth.

Dentists check the status of teeth before performing teeth whitening. If the patient has Bruxism, then a mouth guard may be provided to ensure that the teeth do not wear and they are in good shape.

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