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Orthodontic Treatment – Am I too old to get one?

Orthodontics Sacramento California

The way your teeth are aligned has a significant role to play in your oral health. We get two types of teeth during our lifetime. The baby teeth start to erupt when we are less than one year old and fall out one after the other once the permanent teeth start to come out during our childhood. The way permanent teeth erupt depend on many factors which include genetics, the position of baby teeth, the size of our jawbones and habits such as thumb sucking and tongue thrust. Since the position of the teeth can have a significant impact on oral health, dentists provide children space maintainers when they lose a tooth. This helps in the proper eruption of permanent tooth. So what is the ideal age for the first orthodontic examination? Can a person of any age go through orthodontic treatment? How do I know if my teeth are misaligned? People visit our office with questions similar to these. Our dentists respond to all queries of patients and address their dental issue with utmost care. Visit our Sacramento office for a comprehensive dental check-up.

Orthodontic Treatment – Who should get one?

Our jawbones, by nature, are designed to have 32 teeth, 16 on each bone. The teeth do not get sufficient space to erupt properly in some cases. As a result, there may be misalignment which can lead to problems with the functionality of teeth and speech. A general dentist performs comprehensive check-up during a routine visit. He/she may take impressions of teeth to study their positions. If there is a problem with the bite, the doctor recommends orthodontic treatment to address the issue and improve oral health. Any person can undergo orthodontic treatment based on the recommendation of the dentist. The patient may have to inform the dentist about any restorations such as crowns and implants present in the mouth. On confirmation that a treatment can be performed, the dentist sets a treatment plan and explains it to the patient.

Orthodontic Treatment – The Age Factor

Usually, the first examination to check the position of the teeth may take place at the age of 8 or so. Dentists can check for signs of orthodontic problems and take preventive steps to avoid the same. However, age is not a factor that can stop a patient from getting orthodontic treatment. Permanent teeth can be moved at any age. The time span for moving the teeth and the time spent on retaining it in the position may vary. A dentist can let patients know about the same before performing the treatment in Sacramento.

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