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Oral Sedation Sacramento, California is the anxiety-free Dentistry

Are you anxious of visiting a dental practice? Have you ever skipped a dental visit because a dental treatment makes you feel uncomfortable? You are not alone. Fear of visiting a dental office is one of the things that keep people away from receiving necessary dental care. This fear is medically termed as dental phobia. A patient, who feels uncomfortable sitting in a dentist’s chair, can make it difficult for the dentist to treat him/her. A person who is extremely anxious may avoid visiting the dentist when it is most necessary, which lets him/her compromise oral health. Oral Sedation is one of the methods followed by dental professionals to relieve patients from dental fear and make them feel comfortable during dental treatment. Based on the level of anxiety expressed by the patient, different types of sedatives can be used to achieve different levels of relaxation. If you or any of your family members are afraid of visiting a dental office, make an appointment and talk to our dentists. Our Oral sedation methods at Sacramento office can help you receive the necessary dental care.

Dental phobia and sedation methods

There can be many reasons for fear of dental treatment. Bad experience in the past, dislike of particular sound or smell at the dental office and fear of pain of injection are some common fears our patients express when they visit our office. Oral Sedation methods can help us in relieving patients from fear and let them relax during treatment. We firstly talk to patients about their fear and ask them questions about their medical history. We recommend a particular type of sedative based on their level of anxiety. We continuously monitor the patient and gauge few vital factors such as pulse rate, breathing and blood pressure level to ensure safety.

Mild Sedation

Mild sedation is a type of sedation where patient is completely conscious during the dental procedure. The sedative provides relaxation while the patient is able to listen and respond to verbal commands. Nitrous oxide is one of the most commonly used forms of mild sedative. Inhalation of nitrous oxide gives a euphoric feel to patients. The patient can quickly recover from the effect of sedation.

Moderate Sedation

Moderate sedation is a type of sedation which lets the patient relax during the dental procedure. Though the patient is conscious and can respond to verbal commands, he/she may feel that the procedure has completed quickly. This process is followed for patients who are more anxious.

Deep Sedation

For patients who are highly anxious about a dental procedure and do not want to remember any part of it, deep sedation is recommended. This type of sedation lets the patient completely relax during the dental process.

Oral sedation at our Sacramento office

Oral sedation can help our team achieve moderate to deep relaxation in our patients. This sedation is method is commonly recommended to those patients who express slightly higher level of anxiety towards dental treatment. Under oral sedation, long dental procedures may seem to have completed quickly. Our dental team continuously monitors patient’s condition during the treatment to ensure safety. Patients may be advised to come to our office and taken back home by a caretaker. Our dentist may ask patients not to drive and operate machinery for few hours before and after the treatment.

Most Commonly Asked Questions About Oral Sedation

What is oral sedation?

If you are anxious while going for a dental appointment or a dental procedure, oral sedation can completely transform the experience. Oral sedatives help you to relax your mind and body so that you feel more comfortable on the dental chair.

Is Oral sedation safe?

Oral Sedation has been in use for over 30 years and it requires rigorous training and certification to be a provider. During your consultation, Dr. Fife will explain how sedation dentistry works to treat your dental anxiety in Sacramento, CA. Call Dr. Fife to schedule your appointment today!

What side effects are expected?

Drowsiness following your appointment is common, and some patients might feel a little nauseated. Typically, patients feel fine after eating and drinking.

Who can benefit from dental sedatives?
  • Adults who have high phobia of visiting dentist
  • Had difficulty numbing
  • who hate needles and noises
  • who hate smells and taste associated with the dental office
  • who are afraid and embarrassed about their teeth
Can I Drive after taking oral sedatives?

It is advisable that you bring someone with you to your appointment in order to drive you home. Dr. Fife will advise you when you can expect to resume driving.

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